Nov 07

Amazing win for Portsmouth Roller Wenches

Portsmouth Roller Wenches vs. Oxford Roller Derby 6th November 2011 Portsmouth 112 – 76 Oxford 

Portsmouth Line up

  • Halycon Daze #808 (captain)
  • Harold Bashup #84
  • Hel On #8 Wheels
  • Julia Rob-hurts #212
  • Lady Von Whack ‘n’ Smack #T42
  • Miss Dynamighty #b00m
  • Moscow Cruel #121
  • Peggy Peril #57
  • Tess of the Derby Wheels #sr71
  • Line-Up Manager: R.I.P. McMurphy #27
  • Bench Manager: AnDracula (guest from Big Bucks High Rollers)

Portsmouth NSOs

  • Slam Boleyn
  • Spin Doctor

Portsmouth Refs

  • Mr. Soft
  • Newton’s Law and
  • Dr. Warlock (guest from Big Bucks High Rollers)

On a bleak and cold Sunday 6th November the Portsmouth Roller Wenches left our seaside home to travel up to historic Oxford to take on Oxford Roller Derby in a closed-door bout. Illness and injury ravaged our numbers, and so we left on the day with a skeleton 9-woman team, but a team that had been training hard. Rob-hurts and Dynamighty were even making their bouting debut after passing their skills only on Friday, but were primed and ready for the experience.

It was a gruelling hour, with our skaters run ragged from a demanding set of lineups. Our few jammers were pushed to their absolute limits but racked up big points, and getting the lead signal for most jams. Oxford unfortunately went a woman down early on when one of their skaters was expelled, and towards the end both teams were valiantly pushing against fatigue with our very small rosters.

Our team had recently adopted a new strategy set, and despite not yet having a chance to practice it outside of a theory session, we saw the benefits on the track. Keeping a calm bench and our skaters’ heads on our game was a priority for us. AnDracula, our very special guest bench coach from Big Bucks High Rollers kept the team focused on our planned strategy and she proved an invaluable and skilful weapon in our derby artillery.

The game was intense at times and very physical. Several of our skaters took some hard hits and falls, but fought on regardless and kept things calm despite the challenges. The team are all sore today though! We hope the Oxford skater who had to receive medical attention at the end is okay and healing well.

Oxford were a formidable team to play against, with some real threats such as French Revolution and Dreaded Hell. It was a real learning experience for our team, our NSOs and our referees. The final score was 112 – 76 to Portsmouth. This was our first bout as Portsmouth Roller Wenches (without guest skaters mixed in) and we are proud to take home a win. We look forward to a rematch against Oxford in the near future and hope to host them at home.

Special thanks to AnDracula and Dr Warlock, Big Bucks referee, who came along as our guests. The wenches all appreciate your time.

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