Jul 16

Another epic win for PRW … 172 – 76

Photo taken by the amazing China Blade

Eureka Pain talks us through the amazing win from her view of the game – right in the action!
“Wow my first bout and I would be playing Wiltshire Roller Girls and I was SO excited. 

My fellow Wenches looked amazing in their war paint and boutfits and despite being quite stressed and nervous from arriving late it wasn’t long until I began to chill and was ready to get my skate on. Everyone looked so focused and I could tell that this team knew what they were doing. On lining up in front of the jam line for my first scrim any remaining nerves left as I realised I was working with great people and this would be just like practice, tight walls, strong blocking, good communication with a 2 track mind consisting of… where’s my wall and where’s the jammer!

My first few jams flew by and talking tactics on the bench I really felt like part of the team. Bench manager RIP McMurphy was very supportive and brilliant at focusing everyone and Ulrike Nina Nunchucks was very helpful at calling directions from the side lines. It was great to see the responsiveness of the team to each other and the pack dynamics working so smoothly. The jams rolled on and after seeing some amazing jamming and blocking from both teams the game drew to a close.

I hadn’t had a chance to check the score through the game and was pleased to find the Wenches had won 172 to 76! It was great to be on the winning team and to have had Wiltshire Roller Girls as brilliant opponents. Wiltshire are a very lovely group of girls which I look forward to playing against in a rematch in the not so distant future.

So to sum up my first bout in one word it would be: AMAZING, and I can’t wait for my next! BRING IT ON!”

Derby love, Eureka Pain xxx

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