Jul 18

Eastbourne Extreme 2013

Great write up by Mayday Riots of PRW

Eastbourne Extreme is a free annual event showcasing some of the most cool and adventurous sports around, one of which is our bold and bashy Roller Derby.

The two day roller derby tournament was hosted by local team The Bourne Bombshells over the weekend of the 13th and 14th of July. Portsmouth Roller Wenches played on the final day against some of the toughest teams they know in the scorching summer sun.

This was not typical match conditions; it was outdoors and each team played three games lasting 25 minutes, less than half the length of a normal bout. The roller derby on this weekend was short and sharp, making every single point more crucial than ever.

Portsmouth Roller Wenches were first up against their most recent nemesis Kent Roller Girls. Wenches took the lead, but Kent being the top team that they are piled on the pressure. One of the Wenches most talented players Peggy Peril fouled out with four major penalties (in sixty minute games players have maximum of 7 penalties).

Despite missing a precious asset to the team the Wenches pushed hard to remain a fraction ahead for the majority of the game. However an unfortunate cut track penalty for Mini Malice allowed KRG a power jam in the last jam. Shortly after and a cut track was called on the Kent Jammer, sending her to the penalty box and releasing Malice back on track. Our nippy number seven whizzed around passed Kent blockers, but the final whistle soon blew leaving Kent Roller girls able to inch ahead and win 55-53.

Wenches had no time to dwell over this narrow defeat and were immediately back on track facing another recent rival Croydon Roller Girls. Cherished veteran Wench R.I.P McMurphy got off to a flying start with a 20 point power jam. As the whistle blew for another jam, an error by CRG Do or Dyduch got her an immediate penalty, leaving up and coming Wench jammer Mini Malice able to break through the pack alone. This allowed the Wench lead to be extended to a nice comfortable score of 14-41 at this point.

Power jams on both sides got teams neck and neck on the final whistle with the score being 62-62. The decision was made to have an extra jam; a tiebreaker that is 2 minutes long with no lead jammer who can call it off. Croydon’s jammer President Garfield escaped the pack grinning like a Cheshire cat and egging on the crowd for some cheers. However all was not over and R.I.P McMurphy was soon chasing her down and getting some points. However the two minute jam in the sweltering sunshine took its toll and an exhausted McMurphy passed her jammer panty to Pivot Pysclone Destroyher. Despite the successful star pass it just wasn’t enough to catch up and the end score was 74-87 for Croydon Roller Girls.

The Portsmouth Roller Wenches returned in the afternoon to play their third opponents Big Bucks High Rollers. It was the last bout before the final and the Pompey players fought hard to get a win, after being so close in the two previous games. Big Bucks got ahead early with a power jam in their favour, but Wenches put the pressure on to try and catch up. Pysclone DestroyHer was particularly strong during her jams, briskly breaking through walls and speeding around the track. All jammers worked extremely hard to gain lead and did on many occasions. The blockers too lived up to their name, especially Wheelma Flintstone who showed great ability in her first game with the Wenches since passing minimum skills.

Regardless of all this effort Portsmouth Roller wenches were unable to win and their last bout ended 46-74 to Big Bucks High Rollers. It was Kent verses Croydon in the deciding bout, seeing Croydon win the final for the second year in a row. Wenches went home scuffed and scraped, but knowing they had shown their talent and provided the most exciting moments of this full packed day of Roller Derby!


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