Want to be a Wench?

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Our next new skaters course is coming up soon – check out the New Skaters Courses page

As well as skating you can also support us by deciding to become a referee or non-skating official. Get in touch via our contact page or Facebook page if you would like to be involved with Hampshire’s first roller derby league!

Requirements to join:

Skating experience is an advantage, but not essential, most of us were total beginners! So long as you have the passion and dedication, and are tough enough to take a few falls, you can be a Wench (or a Scurvy Dog!). In order to compete, you must be 18+.

Skaters & Referees will need to get their own pair of quad skates (refs can skate on blades), and full protective gear (helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards and mouth guard.) Talk to any member of the team for recommendations as to what skates & gear are going to be best for you, and which skate shops we love!

If you don’t have your own equipment and want to give it a go before getting your own skates, we have spare skates & protective gear which you can borrow.

Diary of a Wenchling 2016/17

New Skaters Courses

Our current new skaters course is in full swing, but register your interest for the next one! If you’re interested in joining, make sure you email prw_join_us@hotmail.com to secure your space – equipment can be borrowed but is limited and will come on a first come first serve basis!  

Wenches’ Guide to Starting Roller Derby

Starting up in Roller Derby can be a daunting experience, we have all been there. After weeks of waiting you’re finally going to get to give Roller Derby a go and to say you’re nervous is an understatement. It’s hard enough to walk in the door, let alone strap eight wheels to your feet in …

Diary of a Wench in Training 2013/14

It’s New Skater intake time again with the Portsmouth Roller Wenches and this year we’ve decided we want a better idea of what our budding Wenchlings are feeling on a weekly basis.  We’ve profiled 5 of this years new skaters and we will be hearing from them on a weekly basis about what they feel …