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Real name: Emma

Derby name or ideas for Derby name:

I really wanted ‘Barbara Gore-don’ (Batgirl’s real name) but another skater in Texas has a very similar name, So, I was thinking, in tribute to Jay-Z, ‘Public Cervix Announcement’. It might need some fine tuning!

How much skating experience do you have? :

I skated once, when I was about 8, using a walking stick to keep myself upright. Since then, I have been skating with Wreckers since December 2012, after buying my first set of skates and skating behind the bar at The Fat Fox on my dayshifts

Life outside of Derby / skating? :

I’m a waitress, any spare time I have I spend dying my hair stupid colours, getting tattoos and drinking tea

What / who has inspired you to join the PRW freshmeat? :

I was working in a cocktail bar in Southsea when Peggy Peril and Ruby Slaughter came to invite people to the Fresh Meat course last year.  I had seen Whip It and fallen in love with the idea of being a roller girl!

Are there any particular aspects you’re nervous about? :

My brain has a very natural instinct to protect my body, and to this day I still can’t bring myself to attempt a tomahawk or transition while skating.

Tell us a random fact about yourself :

I have a tattoo portrait of Mr. Bean on my arm.

Freshmeat 2013 starts on October 15th at Highbury College Sports Hall, Cosham.  For more details email

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