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Louise ‘Midge’


Real name: Louise

Derby name or ideas for Derby name:

Collateral Da-Midge, perhaps something with a play on the word ‘Midge’.

How much skating experience do you have?

From my first pair of Fisher Price Velcro skates when I was 5 to In-liners as a teenager I was on them constantly. Then didn’t touch them for 10 years through one reason or another. Tie that in with 6 hours of recent skating through Wreckers Sessions on quads (slightly more difficult to handle than Fisher Price skates) and that’s pretty much my experience in a bag!

Life outside of Derby / skating?

When I’m not painting, sketching or drawing on walls, I’m chilling with my fella or more likely than not, down the pub.

What / who has inspired you to join the PRW freshmeat? :

When I first heard about them I thought it was freakin’ awesome, girls with attitude, skating, and loving it. Then some time went by, and honestly, I just didn’t have the confidence to join, why would I when they all seemed like they were born on skates. I gave up on the idea, and then, one day, in the pub, I decided to message RR Cool J (aka RJ) and ask her how would I actually go about joining. 3 nights later, I was there at a Wreckers session, and remembered why I loved skating. Something came back, and I felt like a teenager again, and I loved how alive I felt. It felt amazing to get back a part of who I used to be, but now I’m more excited about who I might become.

Are there any particular aspects you’re nervous about? :

I’m pretty nervous about failing. But that’s something I need to challenge not only in skating but outside of it too, which I hope through derby that I can tackle. Other than that I’m only scared of breaking my hands.  And my face.

Tell us a random fact about yourself? :

I have a ‘so called’ irrational fear of cows. They’re too big, they’re too clumsy and have weird eyes. Fine if they’re behind a fence but you ain’t getting me in a field with one. F**k that.


Freshmeat 2013 starts on October 15th at Highbury College Sports Hall, Cosham.  For more details email

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