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Real name: Megan

Derby name or ideas for Derby name:

I was hoping for Meg Le Maniac, which in May was coming up as ‘low’ on the name checker, but now similar names are being given a ‘very high’ rating, so will probably have to think again!

How much skating experience do you have? :

I started attending ‘wreckers’ – recreational skating – in May 2013 (4 months ago).  Before that I hadn’t skated since I used to hang out at Southsea Skate Park when I was 12…23 years ago!  In those days I had a pair of hockey skates that were a cheap copy of the Bauer skates, which was the ‘holy grail’ of skates at the time.  They were all I could afford and were a million miles away from the GT50’s I’m now using.   I never learned more than how to go forward in them…the only stop I could do at the time was hitting the fence at speed J

Life outside of Derby / skating? :

There’s life outside Derby?! I am a single mother of a 6 year old daughter.  I lecture Child and Psychosocial Health for The University of Southampton.   Previous hobbies include paragliding, microlighting, surfing and motorbikes.

What / who has inspired you to join the PRW freshmeat? :

I only ever thought I would skate recreationally, but after 1 week of wreckers I knew I wanted to do freshmeat…all of the wenches inspired that!

Are there any particular aspects you’re nervous about? :

I could really do without any serious injuries.

Tell us a random fact about yourself? :

I suck my thumb


Freshmeat 2013 starts on October 15th at Highbury College Sports Hall, Cosham.  For more details email

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