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Michaela ‘Kayla’


Real name: Michaela or ‘Kayla’

Derby name or ideas for Derby name:

Laika Boss, Kaylarrrgh!, Tank Gurll or Earl Graze because of my love of tea!

How much skating experience do you have? :

Haven’t been on skates for about 10 years. Played around on them when I was little and had blades when I was a teenager, just going up and down the seafront.

Life outside of Derby / skating? :

I work at Lush, Like to bake and decorate cakes when I have the time. Love going out to It’s a Sin and mosh around at Thunderdome! I love all types of music from Limp Bizkit to Louis Armstrong …to Britney. Drawing and generally arty craftyness is another hobby and I love love love surfing!

What / who has inspired you to join the PRW freshmeat? :

I was looking for a new hobby and Dan told me to come to wreckers with him. I started in August and loved it from the first session and bought my skates the next day! Getting 20 in my first 27/5 was a great feeling too.

Are there any particular aspects you’re nervous about? :

I’ve already broken my finger in my 3rd session ( didn’t go to the docs til about 5 weeks later because I didn’t think it was that bad but it’s still fat and sore now!) but breaking something else or getting hurt is a concern. Don’t mind getting bruised or getting a few battle scars tho! I guess I just need to get over having ‘the fear’

Tell us a random fact about yourself? :

I helped make a 12 foot long éclair for charity. Made front page of the Chichester Observer and I have the original printing plate of it! I’ve also danced on stage with Whigfield.

Freshmeat 2013 starts on October 15th at Highbury College Sports Hall, Cosham.  For more details email

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