Aug 22

PRW vs. CRD!!

Wenches in Bout Action!!!!

Yesterday, Sunday 21st August, Portsmouth Roller Wenches ventured to Croydon for a friendly closed door training bout against the lovely Croydon Roller Derby!

Having won their last closed door bout and with their 2nd birthday celebration bout coming up we knew the competition was going to be strong, and this was our first outing as The Wenches!!!  But we did ourselves proud.

Read Croydon’s write up of the bout here:

Our team consisted of the awesome encouraging Duchess of Crutches as bench manager, and Mary S. as line up manager. We also had 3 CRD girls guest skating for us. Our line up was as follows, with two of the team going from passing minimum skills to bouting in two days, well done Peggy and Lady Von!!!!!!!

8 Hel On 8 Wheels
26 Mosquito (CRD)
27 Rip McMurphy
40 Brookslide
55 Smack Torque
57 Peggy Peril
61 Loud Behaviour
81 Coco Dean (CRD)
84 Harold Bashup
121 Moscow Cruel
0626 Mazz Destruction (CRD)
SR71 Tess of the Derby Wheels
T42 Lady Von Whack n Smack

In other news, two Wenches skated in a mixed scrimmage in Brighton a couple of weeks ago, with some other unfortunate injured Wenches having to miss out. To that we say, bring on the next one, Rockers!

PRW to host mixed scrimmage!!

PRW are looking to host a whole load of mixed Scrimmaging on Sat. 3rd Sept for all abilities. So if you’ve passed minimums and wanna experience a full on afterparty with lots of wanton wench shenanigans, a late license and loads of spare wench beds then email us how many  to:

Rocky Mountain Bootcamp

The Duchess of Crutches, R.I.P. McMurphy, Halcyon Daze & Brookslide attended Rocky Mountain Rollergirls Boot camp in Birmingham this weekend. It was an amazing opportunity to be taught by Fight Club, the 2010 WFTDA National Champions who are absolute legends. Over 100 Roller Derby girls from all over Europe attended. It was a unique opportunity to skate with some of the best Roller Derby players and the learning can only help to make the wenches a better, stronger team.

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