Portsmouth Roller Wenches are proudly sponsored by:


Portsmouth Roller Wenches is run by the skaters, for the skaters, as a non-profit organisation. This means all money raised for the league goes straight back into paying for operating expenses. PRW relies on the hard work, dedication and determination of the league members who volunteer their blood, sweat, tears and time to make it all happen.

Sponsoring PRW will enable us to push Portsmouth’s only female roller derby league further into the fastest growing sport in the world.

PRW aims

PRW want to promote the sport of roller derby throughout the UK. We strive to inspire people of all backgrounds and abilities to get involved. We strongly encourage teamwork and positivity by promoting athletic opportunities for all, within a Roller Derby environment, whether it be playing, refereeing, cheering or taking part in non-skating official duties, we want to make Portsmouth Roller Wenches a league to be proud of!

PRW will assist their local community through fundraising and charity events as well as promoting positive relations within the Roller Derby Community.

Ways to help

We are looking for new companies to join us in building on our success and as one of the most diverse and fastest growing sports your business would attract some new fans of your own.

We can deal with sponsorship on a case-by-case basis. This way, we can have open discussions and agree on a deal which will be mutually beneficial.

If you feel you have something to offer us or help us out in any way, tell us and we will be happy to discuss this with you. Or if you prefer to spend cash, we’re happy to receive pieces of eight to pay for (but not limited to):

  • Uniform and skating gear for the team members;
  • insurance of the team for practices and bouts;
  • promotional material for fundraising events and recruiting;
  • general administration costs of running a team and committee;
  • printing and merchandise;
  • costs associated with practice and bout venues.

We can discuss various ways in which we can display your logo such as wearing it on uniforms, adding it to links on our website and social media sites and placing banners at our bouts.

Please contact us for further details, starting your message with ‘We’d love to sponsor PRW’.

You can also help us raise money when you shop online. Sign up to easy fundraising and support Portsmouth Roller Wenches.

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