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Wenches Alumnae – Hall Of Fame

These skaters will always be Wenches wherever they may now skate!

Dark Rumba: Rumba joined and left the Wenches in 2017. She went from rookie to B team hero very quickly. She now skates in Australia!

Derby Number: 18
Where Your Name and Number Came From: I love Rum, I have a dark sense of humour and 18 is my lucky number.
Favourite Derby Moment: Discovering Derby.
Worst Injury: none, yet…
Life Outside Derby: Funeral Arranger, Mother, Lara Croft fan and Murder documentary addict.
Random Fact: A group of crows is called a “murder”


Hurricane Hayles:

halesprofDerby number: 74mph
Where my derby name and number came from: I am not very creative so I went with some nice alliteration with my “nickname” and a number which is the speed wind needs to be doing to be classed as a hurricane.
Favourite derby moment: There are too many awesome times to pick just one! Buy me a few drinks and I will tell you all of them.
Worst derby injury: Concussion a couple of years ago. One of my own team booted me in the head with her skate.
Life outside derby: Mummy, provider of cake, slave to the furballs and low paid lackie.
Random fact: I once took a dead person a tray of food. It was an honest mistake, Guv! Never been so embarrassed in my life!



And more to come about these skaters who will forever be Wenches!…

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