The Wenches

Beatrax Kiddo

Beatrax Kiddo B Team

Berry Naughty

Derby number: 69 Position and team: I like all the positions.  Crossover player. Where my name and number came from: I’m a fan of purple so a friend suggested Berry after a purple lipstick. The naughty is something to do with my sense of humour and I’ve always liked the number 69 😉 Favourite Derby Moment: When I …

Beth ‘n’ Destruction

Break Kim Bad

Derby number: 19 Team: B Team Where my name and number came from: My name is Kim so Break Kim Bad seemed a pretty good play on words whilst 19 is not only my birthday day but is also potassium or K on the periodic table. Fitting for my derby name. Favourite derby moment: playing …

Bruise BanHer

Where Your Name and Number Came From: I’m a scientist prone to anger… a bit like Bruce Banner/the Hulk! It became my nickname at Uni and basically stuck from there! Insert a bit of pun here and there and you have it! As for the number, my lucky numbers are 19 and 7, both were …

Buns of Anarchy

Derby number: 7 Position and team: Blocker, Crossover player. Where my derby name and number came from: A play on the USA TV show about a biker gang that I’m a big fan of “Sons of Anarchy”. Also that we hit with our buns in derby. It gives me motivation to cause anarchy on track. My …

Bux Capacitor

Derby number: 88 Position and team: Crossover skater. Blocker, and reluctant jammer for the B-Team Where my derby name and number came from: My name is a pun that combines my surname with a popular sci-fi film trilogy. The number 88 relates to 88mph. Favourite derby moment: Passing my minimum skills, watching London play Gotham …


Hey! I am a Crossover skater, representing PRW A & B teams. My derby number is: 25. My name and number: ChEmmaKill – I love science and work as an analytical chemist by trade. The number 25 is my partners date of birth. Favourite Derby moment: I have to say passing mins and becoming a …

Cherry Bomb’er

Number: 77 Position and team: Jammer/Blocker on the B Team Where did your name and number come from: I love cherries, anything with cherries on or in and I am drawn to it…I am sure it is turning into an obsession. My favourite number is 7 so I doubled it to make it twice as …

Cosmic Ginge

Derby Number: 20 Position and Team: A Team skater. I’m happy to play any position. Where my name and number came from: My number is the age at which I passed minimum skills and my name relates to the fact I have ginger hair.. and hopefully it gives me some kind of cosmic energy on …


Derby number: 14 Where my name and number came from: As freshmeat I was called Final Decimation a spin on Final Destination because if an accident can happen to someone it was always me! But as I am the least intimidating person to walk the earth it didn’t fit so LBRG christened me Desmond. The …

Dropkick Molly

Derby number: 31 Position and team: Blocker and jammer. A Team player. Where my name and number came from: I am a HUGE fan of the Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly so combined the two. The number is the dialing code for Gothenburg, my favourite city and the only place I have the Murphys and Flogging …

Elle Block ‘n’ Whip

Elle Block ‘n’ Whip B Team

Em Fatale

Derby Number: 87 Position and Team: B Team, blocker Where my name and number came from: The day after passing fresh meat I went to a murder mystery party, where my character was called ‘Em Fatale’. I wanted a derby name similar to my real name (Emma), so this worked well. The number was a …

Eureka Pain

Derby number: 23 Position and team: Blocker, A Team. Where my derby name came from: Eureka means ‘I’ve found it’ and is exactly what I thought after attending a fresh meat taster session because this sport was right for me. Eureka also sounds like ‘you reek’ which is a common derby attribute so it was all fitting. …

Fancy Nancy

Name: My nan was called Nancy and i always called her Fancy Nancy. She was a badass so i thought i’d let her live on through me and the number 212 because the song 212 by Azealia Banks is BANGIN!!. Position: New to this but i love to Jam Favourite Derby moment: Passing Fresh Meat. …

Flash Gaudion

Derby Number: 308 Team: A Team


Derby number: 26 Position: Prefer Jammer, A Team. Where my derby name and number came from: The number is the date for my birthday and the name evolved from my childhood nickname Flossy. Favourite derby moment: Completing and passing min skills! Best derby injury: A burn to my lower leg from losing my balance and …

Foxy Knocksy

Name: Foxy Knocksy Team: B Team


Derby Number: 505 Position and Team: A team Favourite Derby Moment: Playing against Amsterdam Allstars with the A team. I had only just recently transferred and this was my first ever open bout! It was a tough game but I was just so happy to be there skating with some of my roller derby idols. …

Halcyon Daze

Derby number: 808 Position: Jammer & blocker. A Team player. Where my derby name came from: The modern use of the term Halcyon Days, the nostalgic view of days gone by. I expect when I look back on my time in roller derby they’ll be some of the best days of my life. The number …

Harold Bashup

Derby number: #84 Year became a wench: I was at the Wenches first ever practice, 20th June 2010. Position and team: Blocker. Happily back as a Crossover skater (Feb 2018) having returned to the B team after being out injured long term after breaking my ankle twice! Where my derby name came from: I was a massive Neighbours …


Name: Jennyrator Team: B Team, blocker


Katzenjammer Rookie


Lippy B Team

Lyd Vicious

Lyd Vicious B Team


Derby number: 30 Team & Position: B team, blocker Where my derby name and number came from: It’s a bit nerdy really. Essentially I wanted something that showed other things that I enjoy and incorporated my name as well. I used to play a lot of role play/fantasy games as a teenager and most of …



Mimi Menace

Mimi Menace B Team

Miss Dynamighty

Miss Have-A-Slam

Miss Have-A-Slam Rookie

Nina Nunchucks

Derby number: 99 Position and team: Any! A Team player. Where my name and number came from: I like ninja fighting and martial arts and 99 red balloons. Year became a Wench: Joined the wenches in May 2012. Before that I skated with the Birmingham Blitz Dames since September 2009. Favourite Derby Moment: Getting Best Jammer for Team Cobra …

Peggy Peril

Derby number: 57 Where my derby name came from: Peggy is my Great Grandmother. She is an absolute legend and I miss her very much. Favourite derby moment: The list is endless. One that sticks out is being awarded MVP and getting NO MAJORS against London Batter C. I can’t even describe to you how …

Psyclone DestroyHer

Derby number: 540° Position and Team: Jammer/Pivot. I am one of the Wenches’ dedicated jammers (4-5 of us doing pretty much all the jamming in a bout). I love jamming!!! But also blocking, which is what I have been working on more this year. A Team. Where my derby name and number came from: The …

Short Fuse

Derby number: 101. I’m a ref and also skate for the B team. Where my name and number came from: My surname is Short and I hope one day to be as scary on track as Room 101.

Sin Doll

Derby Number: 3 Where Your Name and Number came from: Name was chosen for me by my friends during fresh meat and my number is because M is the 13th letter in the alphabet which is what my sons name begins with. Favourite Derby Moment: was managing to pass fresh meat after a year and 4 tests!

Smash Hips

Derby number: 203 Position and team: Blocker, B Team Captain and Crossover skater. Where my derby name and number came from: Well I have a mighty pair of hips that can do some damage and it’s a twist on that 80’s pop magazine ‘Smash Hits’. My number…look hard enough and you’ll see my real name!! …

Spread Ya Legges

Derby Number: 11 Team: A Team

The Duchess of Crutches

Derby number: 03 Position and team: All of them! Wherever I’m needed. A Team player. Where my derby name and number came from:  I’m a bit fancy so I wanted a title and the crutches part comes as an intimidation factor toward my opponents (like mess with me and you’ll wind up on crutches!)…my number comes …

Valkyrie Pain

Derby number: C4 Position and team: I will do whatever I’m told to do! I thought I was a blocker but now I’ve been told to jam more; who knew? A Team player. Where my derby name and number came from: The Valkyries are the Norse Goddesses of the dead who escort Vikings that have fallen …

Violet Storm

Violet Storm Rookie

Wheelma Flintstone

Derby Number: 50 Team: A Team Captain

Whisk Taker

Whisk Taker B Team

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