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Berry Naughty

berryprofDerby number: 69

Position and team: I like all the positions.  Crossover player.

Where my name and number came from: I’m a fan of purple so a friend suggested Berry after a purple lipstick. The naughty is something to do with my sense of humour and I’ve always liked the number 69 😉

Favourite Derby Moment: When I was awarded as the “Most Valuable Player” or MVP in a mixed opener 😀

Best injury: I pulled an intercostal muscle at one of Rogue Runner’s boot camp’s. It was tender to breathe, sore when I coughed or sneezed, and painful when I giggled… why is everything so funny!

Derby Goal: Keep my place on the B team.

Life outside Derby: Massage and Beauty therapist, mummy of 2 children and four cats.

Random Fact: I am half Maltese.

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