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Buns of Anarchy

SizeBunsDerby number: 7

Position and team: Blocker, Crossover player.

Where my derby name and number came from: A play on the USA TV show about a biker gang that I’m a big fan of “Sons of Anarchy”. Also that we hit with our buns in derby. It gives me motivation to cause anarchy on track. My number is 7, my lucky number.

Favourite derby moment: Watching Gotham play London in Leeds July 2014 and meeting so many epic players. Plus an excellent weekend trip with fellow Wenches.

Best derby injury: Extreme dead leg – caused by my own elbow in a fall. I nearly fainted trying to stand up on it. A dead leg might sound minor but it was worse than breaking my coccyx.

Derby goal for this year: Feb 2014 I passed minimum skills and became a Wench. My goal is now to become more automatic on track so I’m in place to get harder hits in at the right time!

Life outside derby: I do the 9-5, am a biker, love a bit of DIY and have 2 crazy cats.

Random fact: I’m a qualified swimming teacher and love swimming and water maybe as much as I love my skates!

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