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SizeDesDerby number: 14

Where my name and number came from: As freshmeat I was called Final Decimation a spin on Final Destination because if an accident can happen to someone it was always me! But as I am the least intimidating person to walk the earth it didn’t fit so LBRG christened me Desmond. The number was just a random pick.

Favourite moment: Aaah that’s such a hard one. Playing with the Bombers in 2012 skate odyssey in Gent was an epic experience and massive learning curve.

Worst derby injury: I crashed into a wall head first playing queen of the track. Hurt my neck and back and was out of action for about 8 weeks.

Life outside derby: a famous me quote is “I just love people” so I spend the majority of time and money outside of derby on maintaining friendships all over the world.

Random fact: minus a shoe I survived unscathed swimming across a lake full of alligators!