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Eureka Pain

SizeEurekaDerby number: 23

Position and team: Blocker, A Team.

Where my derby name came from: Eureka means ‘I’ve found it’ and is exactly what I thought after attending a fresh meat taster session because this sport was right for me. Eureka also sounds like ‘you reek’ which is a common derby attribute so it was all fitting. I was also after something sciency as I studied pharmacology so Eureka Pain was decided.

Favourite derby moment: Being in a wench pyramid at the after parties! Everyone should go to a wench after party!

Derby goal for this year: to be an impassible machine.

Best derby injury: I haven’t really been damaged playing derby. I have had the odd bruise mostly from falling on my own skates and mild concussion but it’s all part of the game 😀

Life outside derby: Trust me, I know I’m a scientist 😀

Random fact: I love ladybirds!

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