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Harold Bashup

SizeHarold-Bash-UpDerby number: #84

Year became a wench: I was at the Wenches first ever practice, 20th June 2010.

Position and team: Blocker. Happily back as a Crossover skater (Feb 2018) having returned to the B team after being out injured long term after breaking my ankle twice!

Where my derby name came from: I was a massive Neighbours fan and we all know that Harold Bishop is a legend!

Favourite derby moments: Getting lead jammer during a jam at the 100 Jams War tournament in France (I never jam except in practice!) I had the biggest smile on my face. Also, when PRW beat Brighton Bruisers then LRG Batter C Power – the happiness and the team spirit was amazing! Also winning my first BEST BLOCKER award! I was so happy!! And returning from broke ankle #1 and getting an award in my first mixed scrim in months.

Worst derby injury: Outside of derby my worst injury was in December 2014 where I dropped in on a ramp, fell, and gained a spiral fracture to my right fibula. Then June 2015, another fracture to the fibula at practice 🙁

Derby goal for this year: To be a strong team player and continue be a part of our great team spirit, learning and developing some more advanced skills on track.

Life outside derby: I’m a youth worker and manage a youth centre – I love it. Also love playing drums, dancing, drinking a few ciders and going badger watching!

Random fact: I haven’t cut my hair in over 16 years 🙂

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