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melemental-prfileDerby number: 30

Team & Position: B team, blocker

Where my derby name and number came from: It’s a bit nerdy really. Essentially I wanted something that showed other things that I enjoy and incorporated my name as well. I used to play a lot of role play/fantasy games as a teenager and most of them used ‘elemental’ magic so I just added the M from ‘Mel’ and Melemental was created. My number is how old I was when I passed minimum skills.

Favourite derby moment: So far…passing minimum skills.

Worst derby injury: The week before minimum skills I overbalanced and landed really hard on my right thigh. I had a bruise the size of my hand and the imprint of the floor for about three weeks.

Derby goal for this year: Generally improve on my skills and developing on pack work at the moment!

Life outside derby: I have the two laziest dogs in the world that like nothing more than curling up on the sofa with me on a dark, cold rainy night and a fantasitc husband that repeatedly makes the best cup of tea ever.

Random fact: I’m really not a violent person…

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