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Psyclone DestroyHer


Derby number: 540°

Position and Team: Jammer/Pivot. I am one of the Wenches’ dedicated jammers (4-5 of us doing pretty much all the jamming in a bout). I love jamming!!! But also blocking, which is what I have been working on more this year. A Team.

Where my derby name and number came from: The first part of my name relates to speed/force and also my profession, the second is pretty self-explanatory! 540° relates to my time as a teen skating ramps.

Year became a Wench: Feb/March 2012 – I was part of the first ‘big’ fm group to graduate from a structured course. I was lucky enough to start bouting pretty quickly too.

Favourite Derby Moment: I have so many of these! Hmm to name a few . . when we beat the lovely LRG Batter C in an open home bout in 2013! This year we realized our goal of getting into the top 30’s rankings much earlier than expected by taking on some pretty epic teams! And both the Windy Ciy and Gotham Rollergirls Advanced bootcamps where I got to meet heaps of my derby crushes (and make a few more).

Worst Derby Injury: When we played KRG in a closed bout I took a pretty nasty shoulder injury, also have bruised my iliac crest which had me off skates for awhile. Split open my eyebrow at Eastbourne Extreme . .

Life outside derby: I’m a Registered Nurse who specializes in Mental Health. I love my job, although shift work can make managing derby hard! This is why I work for an agency, so I can choose not to let my work interrupt my derby training and games. I love reading and usually spending time with family, although this is hard when they live on the opposite side of the world! I live with my partner, and, like a good wench, enjoy raucous partying…

Random Fact: I’m a Kiwi.

Photo: Russell Stainer

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