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Smash Hips

Derby number: 203

Position and team: Blocker, B Team Captain and Crossover skater.

Where my derby name and number came from: Well I have a mighty pair of hips that can do some damage and it’s a twist on that 80’s pop magazine ‘Smash Hits’. My number…look hard enough and you’ll see my real name!!

Favourite derby moment: Being picked to play for the B-Team for the first time, and having my Mum, family and friends travel over 60 miles to come and watch us smash it up. Best bit was hearing my Mum cheer us all on, and calling me by my derby name.

Worst injury: Whilst learning to jump, I fell and landed on my wrist guard with the hard plastic part digging into the rib, winded myself and cracked a rib – but my wrist was fine !!!

Derby goal: To become a formidable force on track, and play as much derby as I can before my old body says no more!!

Random fact: I have cruised around the world 5 times (unfortunately not as a passenger).