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The Duchess of Crutches

THE DUCHESS OF CRUTCHES 03Derby number: 03

Position and team: All of them! Wherever I’m needed. A Team player.

Where my derby name and number came from:  I’m a bit fancy so I wanted a title and the crutches part comes as an intimidation factor toward my opponents (like mess with me and you’ll wind up on crutches!)…my number comes from an old saying we used to say as a joke when i was a kid: There’s going to be three hits…me hittin’ you. You hittin’ the floor. The ambulance hittin’ 90.

Favourite derby moment: Possibly it’s scoring the first 35 points on the board for my team within two jams when London Rollergirls played Portsmouth. That and forcing Suzy Hotrod to call off a jam!

Worst derby injury: Injuries suck!

Derby goal for this year: To keep improving!

Life outside derby: I own and run a craft beer and cheese establishment in Southsea called The Wave Maiden.

Random fact: I used to be a video engineer at the United Nations and have met most of the leaders of the free (and not so free) world.

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