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Valkyrie Pain

valpprofDerby number: C4

Position and team: I will do whatever I’m told to do! I thought I was a blocker but now I’ve been told to jam more; who knew? A Team player.

Where my derby name and number came from: The Valkyries are the Norse Goddesses of the dead who escort Vikings that have fallen in battle to Valhalla. Pain because, well, just because and I’m C4 because it’s explosive just like me!

Favourite derby moment:  I really love it when people can’t stop me if I’m jamming, I can push a 4 wall for miles – if you’re a big girl sometimes juking is hard, I’m getting there but I’m really proud of my strength and fitness. I’m also proud that I got over 30 in 5 – big girls rule…!!!!

Worst derby injury: Best injury is when I fell right on my ass straight onto someone’s wheel – it was epic, I fell so hard I spat my gum shield out and lost a contact lens with the impact. I had to have ultra sound on the bruise and I’ve still got scar tissue and a massive dent in my butt cheek – gorgeous!

Derby goal for the year: I really want to do my team proud, I hate letting people down so if they’re happy with me then me goal has been achieved…

Life outside derby: I’m an English Teacher at a secondary school and I freaking LOVE it… I surf, paddle board in the summer and ski in the winter – I love my friends and my family, I also like Sailors who are called Jerry, your older brother, not the younger model…!!!

Random fact: I’m allergic to chocolate, not eaten it for over 15 years!!! Sad times 🙁

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