Feb 22

Wenches At Basingstoke Scrim

A few of our wenches made it to Basingstoke’s monthly open scrim for some derby action on a Saturday morning. The Wenches who got involved were Berry Naughty, Nina Nunchucks, Alpha Papa, Legges, Flash Gaudion, Jennyrator as NSO  and one of our newest wenches Bruise BanHer –
“Just a week after I passed my minimum skills, I had the opportunity to participate to this practice scrim in Basingstoke. I have to admit, in my terrified state, I almost didn’t go (unless it was to NSO) but was thoroughly reassured by the wenches who convinced me to give it a go. If I had to describe my first scrim, I’d say that it was a roller coaster of emotions from the very first jam. It felt like I was the ball in a pinball game, trying to understand what was happening to me and with a heartbeat going over the roof! Overall it went very well, everyone was genuinely nice, helpful and understanding with my lost and confused state. I’m really glad I ended up going, it helped me to put into perspective what was covered in freshmeat and understand the importance of communication on track. I really can’t wait for my next scrim now!”

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