Jun 04

Wenches B going on a trip…

The PRW B team are going to see London Rockin Rollers B at the weekend but to tide you all over until that fun can be experienced, here’s a write up from the lovely Rosie Rocketpants about our closed door adventure with the lovely ladies from Surrey:

On the 10th May, The Mighty PRW Bs saw the arrival of the bodacious Surrey Roller Girls for some private, wheely-shoed fun at Highbury College, or otherwise known as a closed door bout – which means the scores from it will be taken to the grave.

It was a hot and steamy affair, PRW fielded a short yet perfectly formed bench led by the lovely Halcyon Daze and Brookslide. Big up to the cherry poppers Hell-no Kitteh and Human Centre-Speed, both taking their turns to jam as well as block for the Wenches in their first B team appearance.

It proved to be a hard-fought battle with batterings on both sides, with real blood and some big-ass bruises. Despite all of this hard action though it was a well-mannered affair and a jolly time was had by all.

There were some epic performances from Best Jammers Malibash Stacie and Beat Her Parker, Best Blockers Valkyrie Pain and Impaler Swift, MVPs Helon and Heath Sledger and random awards going to Rosie Rocketpants for the player Surrey wants to steal and to Bake and Destroy for being ‘Bleeding Marvellous’. We’d like to thank the NSO and referee crews supplied by both sides which enabled the game to take place. ‘Til we meet again… #surreynotsorry

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